Julia Minkowski is the lawyer of Benjamin Griveaux “nice not selfish”

Julia Minkowski is the lawyer of Benjamin Griveaux

Julia Minkowski is the lawyer of Benjamin Griveaux “nice not selfish”

In the columns of Liberation, this Thursday, January 14, Julia Minkowski responds to odious rumors about the personalities of her husband Benjamin Griveaux. The lawyer evokes a man “kind and not selfish”.

Benjamin Griveaux found in his wife Julia Minkowski her best lawyer, and that’s good because it’s also her job. On the occasion of the release of his book The lawyer was a woman: The trial of their lives (Lattes editions), Release dedicates his now famous back cover portrait to him this Thursday, January 14. Julia Minkowski, who was a real “roc“for her husband and square intimate videos scandal unveiled in February 2020 by Russian activist Pyotr Pavlensky, address an adorable portrait of the former Secretary of State.

Arrogant and haughty“: two adjectives which are often used to qualify Benjamin Griveaux as reported by our colleagues. Two words that Julia Minkowski brushes aside.”He is kind, not selfish, ambitious, but taking pleasure in what he does,“explained the lawyer to Release, thus rehabilitating her husband.

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Julia Minkowski (lawyer and wife of B. Griveaux) – Interruption of session for the medical examination of G. Azibert during the “wiretapping” trial (also the Bismuth affair) in Paris on December 7, 2020 Christophe Clovis / Bestimage

A couple united in the crisis

Julia Minkowski took the media tour to talk about her book, and did not escape questions about the intimate videos affair of her husband Benjamin Griveaux. “The hypocrisy would be to believe that in a relationship there is no turbulence and that because we would encounter a crisis, we would necessarily have to separate,” she admitted facing Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the set of C to You on January 7. And to add: “We managed it in a banal way, but because we have always managed public life, private life and political life (…) in a normal way. Today we are fine“.

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