Jürgen Klopp: Mo Salah is one of the best goalscorers I’ve ever seen.

Jürgen Klopp says Mohamed Salah is one of the best goalscorers he has ever seen in football.

at the beginning of last month Player number 11 bLiverpool’s 100th goalHe was in the Premier League and nowneed 1 more door to entertop 10 starsClub forever

Earlier in the week, KloppSend a video message to Ro.Bert Lewandowski, former strikerhis leadership, by congratulatingOn the forward of Bayern Munich in theReceived a shoe awardEurope’s Gold Leader 2021

When asked to compareYob Salah and Lewandowski, Boss HongThe Reds replied: “Mo Salah was there together.He truly has no doubts.about that.”

“Mo is a door killing machine, clearly, professionalismHis age is second to none.Indeed, he did everything.in order to remain fit,in order to always be on the path – First in, last out, All these things so,N is Mo.”

“In addition to that, besides allhis technical skills and allof these things, he wants towill score a lot of goals and that’sIt’s also useful.The exact same way thatIt was with Levy, and that was good, aIt’s very helpful.”

“Whatever you do on the field,Whatever you create, whateverAs you started, youneed someone who will bring the ballalong the goal line or to the bottom of the net – and Mo was there with thePlay the best I’ve ever seen.Indeed, he knows that. The statistics, the numbers he has, it’s crazy.very much.”

“Of course I’m happy to have.Work with some great players.during my working life.”

Salah, who moved from Roma Mayaat Anfield in the summerof the year 2017, currently makingLiverpool have 130 goals in every season.A list of 209 games

About those statistics, CLOpp added: “What can I say? whenMo came here, expecting thatHe will be successful with statistics.Those? Maybe yes!”

“Did I expect it? no, because youAs can not expect it, becauseSince you shouldn’t have expected it,because it is a pressure castto the players.”

“But he has made great progress.It’s been a long time since he came here. We play football really well, whichHelping to score goals as well.”

“Of course the team developed in that direction.That’s right, and of course Momei.very influential on that and thatThe rest, I don’t know.”

“Nobody should expect statistics againstthese things because you do notever knew what could happenYes, we have to stay fit. and everything must go inthe right direction, so that allAll of that will come true.”

“I can’t be optimistic.More about whatSome things that Mo has accomplished until now.now, but of coursewhat we care aboutable to accomplishMuch more in the future, and we arein that season.”

“He’s in a good time, stayingin good physical condition, stayIn a good mood, all these things, so of course that’s it.benefit”

“He works hard, adapts.some changes thatWe do with our preparations in a simple way.The way we played really well, heenjoy it so allgood, everything is good, nothing elseI can tell.”

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