Justice advances in the investigation into Nisman and his environment for money laundering

The assets of prosecutor Alberto Nisman and those around him are under investigation for alleged money laundering Source: File – Credit: Fabián Marelli / LA NACION

Justice took new steps in the investigation into the estate of the deceased prosecutor Alberto Nisman and his or her environment. The federal judge Marcelo Martinez De Giorgi -which the court of the deceased judge subrogates Claudio Bonadio– ordered the seizure of all the assets of Nisman’s mother and sister, the computer technician Diego Lagomarsino and the businessman Claudio Picón.

The measures were ordered by Martínez De Giorgi on November 25, after a failure of the Federal Chamber that, in response to the request of one of the accused, had ordered him to accelerate the course of the investigation.

The defendants are investigated for alleged money laundering maneuvers through the purchase of properties, vehicles and a bank account located in the bank Merril Lynch in United States.

“Given the existence of economic confusion and intersection between the defendants and the companies mentioned in the proceedings, in order to comply with the objectives and purposes indicated (cf. art. 193 of the CPPN), proceed in accordance with the provisions of arts. 23 and 305 of the Criminal Code of the Nation, without prejudice to not having proven compliance with the provisions of fs. 838/42, to order the freezing of all assets movable and immovable property of Ms. Sara Garfunkel, Sandra Ruth Nisman, Diego Angel Lagomarsino and Claudio Picón “, Martínez De Giorgi wrote in the ruling to which LA NACION agreed.

And it ordered the Corps of Experts of the Judicial Power an expert opinion on the patrimonial situation of the accused “in order to establish a historical economic evolution.” He also asked the wiretapping office that depends on the Court to analyze the interlocking calls to determine the communications between all of them.

De Giorgi also ordered the intervention of the firms “Palermopack SA” Starpack SA “and” Easy Pack “, in whose name were the six vehicles kidnapped from Picón. Nisman was driving one of the Audi vehicles that was in the name of Palermopack SA

Initially this case was in charge of the former federal judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral, which was removed at the request of Nisman’s mother and sister – defended by lawyer Pablo Lanusse – on the grounds of “manifest enmity” and “prejudice”, and then passed into the hands of Bonadio.

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