Kadoni believes that a spark flared up between Gorina and Bezus

It may happen in the near future that Ekaterina Gorina wants to get married again, although she has not yet divorced Artur Nikolaychuk and is outraged on social networks, calling ex-spouse irresponsible man. The fact is that Gorina developed a strong sympathy for her project friend Alexei Bezus. To the point that she herself began to impose on him. On the evening air of house 2 on 09/01/2022, it turned out that all the participants and presenters of the project noticed Katya’s sympathy.

Vlad Kadoni believes that a spark flared up between Gorina and Bezus, they began to be drawn to each other and a slight love appeared. Gorina wanted to know everything about Bezus, with whom she had been talking on a reality show for a year, and Lyosha began to get embarrassed and say that he was being tied hand and foot obligations to Tatyana Repina and little daughter.

As the viewers of House 2 write online, there is no one to pity or scold in this story – a solid PR and fictitious topics. Although Kadoni noticed that Gorina was glowing with happiness next to Bezus. And even Tanya Repin was not shy move what we wrote about in the sloka.

But Kadoni can be wrong in this case, because 19-year-old Gorina clearly needs a project, and not a happy marriage?

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