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, the Colombian revelation of the urban genre, presented to the international press in the Avalón room of the Hard Rock Café Hotel in Punta Cana, his album ‘I am Kamm, I vent’ who has 11 songs composed by him and announced that he will soon come to Peru to sing to the ‘bebecitas’.

Thank you friends of Trome for supporting my career, all my love for you my brothers. This company is not easy, but I have prepared a lot to achieve my dream, I had to leave my family in Colombia to study a master in music production in Europe and since I was 15 years old I have been giving this profession hard”, Said with great enthusiasm this young value of music.

The launch show was really amazing and they told us that you were preparing it for a month

Yes, a month rehearsing, we did not stop to present the show they saw.

Trome readers should know that you are only 20 years old, you are a ‘baby’ …

A baby for all those bebecitas that are out there.

Oops! Bebecitas will follow you in Peru …

I’m going there, we are adjusting the agenda, but we are going soon.

TROME | Kamm interview

Why the name of Kamm because your name is Kamilo, what is behind the two ‘M’?

The name was born five years ago when my little sister came into the world, my blessing, her name is María del Mar and I am Kamilo Andrés, and I always carry her with me.

You are very familiar

Always, family comes first.

Parents advise you a lot …

Yes, they are always advising me and I listening to them, which is the most important thing.

What advice would you give to young people who, like you, your age, want to make their way into the artistic world?

Look at this is not easy and they can say he already sang with Yahaira Plasencia and that’s it, he is one more artist and it is not like that because this is a job that comes from years ago, as I told you I have prepared, I studied a lot, I arrived in Punta Cana and I met Master Chris and Diana Montes, who are my work team and when I got to them I really felt that I stepped where I had to step. So one piece of advice I give to young people is that this is not overnight, you have to study, prepare and be disciplined, because this career requires sacrifice, so don’t give up.

Do you compose your songs?

Yes, the eleven songs were made by me and last night we released the video clip of one of the songs that is titled ‘Wiki tra tra ‘,

Why the title ‘I am Kamm, I vent’, what is there in your soul that you need to get out?

It’s because it has everything, dirty old-school perreo, romanticism, salsa, trap, it’s what I always wanted to do, it’s very versatile.

The video where you were seen with Yahaira on a yacht was much commented on in Peru, what is there between you?

(Laughs) it’s work, she’s a great person, she has a good vibe, I would record with her a thousand times and we did the salsa version of ‘Sola’, a song that I released in June and had more than a million views on YouTube.


TROME |  Kamm presentation in Punta Cana.
TROME | Kamm presentation in Punta Cana.



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