Karen Abudinen extended a lawsuit against Katherine Miranda for the term ‘abudinear’

The scandal over the millionaire contract signed between the ICT Ministry with the Temporary Union Population centers, in which some 70,000 million pesos were lost, left the former ICT minister, Karen Abudinen, out of office.

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The uproar caused by the case caused many to start referring to robberies in corruption cases as ‘abudinear’ a change in your last name. In fact, several politicians have made use of the term.

For that reason, the former minister filed an extension of the complaint against the representative to the Chamber Katherine Miranda and León Fredy Muñoz and will be heard by the Investigation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice this Monday, January 24, The FM reported.

According to that medium, Abudinen decided to expand the complaint after Miranda, along with Muñoz, campaigned politically with billboards using that term. “Don’t let the country abudineen us,” says the advertising piece.

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The two congressmen rejected Abudinen’s accusations, assuring that the one who should be investigated is the former minister “for letting boys and girls lose 70 billion pesos that today they have without connectivity”Muñoz commented, quoted by the station.

Miranda said she would not be intimidated by Abudinen and told him she would go to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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“My duty is to do political control and take care of the taxes of all Colombians. Without fear, we face corruption. Faced with the complaint, I tell him: See you at the Supreme Court of Justice”, said Miranda reviewed by the FM.

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