Karla Panini and Américo Garza caused cancer to Karla Luna with witchcraft, they say

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The Comarre Morena, Karla Luna suffered from witchcraft and sanitary work against her, so says businessman Felipe Silva, who he says has evidence of this.

Annoyed by the injustices that Karla Panini and her husband Americo Garza They have done against Luna’s family, Silva has decided to talk about everything terrifying he knows about the couple.

According to this character, Karla Luna suffered cancer, the same one that took her life, as a consequence of witchcraft and satanic works that Panini and Garza carried out against her.

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Silva was producer of the shows of The Laundresses reason why she was very close to the love triangle, so much so that she assured, she paid a large amount of money for a night with Panini when she was already lover of her now husband.

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It was in the First-hand program that the businessman continued to raise his voice and shared messages where Panini’s husband can be perceived threatening him; even offering money to “disappear from the press.”

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Faced with the threats, Silva was not impressed and responded with caution as he has more information about them.

Be careful, because if you want I talk about the witchcraft and satanic works that they did to Luna. You say whether I follow him or not.

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The former producer of Las Lavanderas shared that he has proof of what has been said, photographs and images of burials and santerías against Karla Luna, which he said ended his life through cancer.



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