Kathy Salosny’s strong revelation on motherhood

The cheerleader Kathy Salosny She was the new guest on the program led by Julio César Rodríguez, called “Síganme los Buenos”, a space that is broadcast on Canal VIVE.

In this space, the television host referred to different areas of her private life, and specifically, the reason why she did not decide to be a mother.

“Is motherhood not an issue for you? It is because of the pandemic I say “, Julius Caesar consulted, after which Salosny declared that” but no longer poh. “

“But you too … You reflect,” Rodríguez continued, being interrupted by the animator, who assured that “no, it has not been a topic. It was a topic many years ago“.

After this, Rodríguez consulted: “But now, in times of a pandemic, you say ‘shoot, what would it have been if maybe it had been with …?'”

“Without a doubt, one asks those questions. What would it have been? Because one sees the family theme that has been accentuated much more. I see it with my comadre, with Constanza, that her two children are my godchildren; with my other friend whose daughter is also my goddaughter. The other time I had a videoconference with Catalina, from Lota, who is my World Vision girl, her birthday and who was with her whole family, “said Kathy.

To this he added that “yes they are topics that one can reflect very secretly, very intimately, but also I am very happy with the way of life that I chose. My dogs are also my children, my godchildren are… ”.

“But does it have everything to do just with you?” Julius Caesar asked again, after which Salosny explained that “no, it has to do with a story.”

“Already. Suddenly this issue whenever it is talked about on TV sometimes I as a viewer get stung, ‘heck, why didn’t you keep asking him?’, I say, for me in this case. So, doing that same exercise, because the topic always ends with ‘how are you? Do you feel good?’, And I think the topic is deeper. Maybe it’s your story, maybe it’s also that love of your life was never for …“Said the animator, being answered by Kathy:”Yes there was that love and we did think about it. With much fear, because what yes …He replied.

Later, Salosny deepened and explained that he was around 26 years old, adding that “then, as at that age, as projecting yourself with that person with whom I lived. But always in me there was something very deep that had to do with the need to heal and face a very deep wound and a very deep and complex story. And if I didn’t sink my teeth into that, if I didn’t face it the way I did for so many years… ”.

“The history of abuse. So if I wasn’t able to get into that topic and all that that meant in my life, I don’t know what would have happened, I will never know, ”added Salosny.

He also pointed out that “it has to do with how if you are not healthy from something so tremendous, how do you project that into a child. I questioned that, so life begins to take you on a path that I had to face in this situation ”.

“And did you deal with it alone at that time or with your partner?” Rodríguez consulted, after which Kathy stated that “no, I didn’t talk to him much, and I think that was part of the breakdown we had. Because I entered a parallel path, which had to do directly with my psychoanalysis and at the same time I began to study theater and I retired from TV, I made a lot of resignations because I had to face this “.

“In that long, painful but life-saving therapy, I went for a tube for 18 years. He left for a long time, psychoanalysis four times a week, a Freudian to the bone ”, were part of his statements.

“That is, from 28 to 44,” JC replied. “Yeah sure. So I didn’t stop anymoreKathy stated on the show. Later, Julio specified that “you at 26 are given, because that is the species, it is the age of childbearing, the age of a partner, that you project yourself, everything you told me, that fits me perfectly ”.

And I was in love, “replied Mega’s ex-face, adding that” we lived together. ” Julio César stopped on this issue and asked him: “” But there you alone, because this is the part that I want to clear up, you alone isolated yourself and said ‘I have to heal from my subject of abuse, I have to recover my life, I have to to be okay again so I can be okay with someone else. ‘

After this, Salosny stated that “Yes, it is something that is being forged not in such a concrete and lucid way, because you have many complexities. But of course, the reading is that, exactly. It is a path that begins to separate me from this other project, inevitably. Because in these complexities you are not always sufficiently welcomed by your partner, not always that partner will understand it or have to understand it ”.

“For me that breakup was super painful, he was the only man with whom I lived for a long time, with whom I did think about having children and I projected myself. I made a lot of resignations too, and after that, I kind of didn’t… ”, he finally affirmed.


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