Kawhi Leonard will miss the next two games at least

Absent from the courts since the defeat of his family against Phoenix on October 23, Kawhi Leonard should not put on his pumps for a little while. The Clippers are going on a road trip to Texas and the winger will not be on the trip. When we know the galleys caused by the joint in recent years, we have reason to be a little worried for The Klaw.

“Say when will you come back, say at least do you know”. When Clippers fans spit the lyrics of this planetary hit into their car radio, we inevitably say to ourselves that they got stuck in the last century let them think of Kawhi Leonard. After a white season, the joker was back this year to fight it out and finally make his visit to the City of Angels profitable, and the season started slowly with a Clippers staff who clearly had only one thing in mind, spare his franchise player. Fewer minutes, a role off the bench, no back-to-back… in short, Kawhi played two games for an average of twenty minutes, nothing too fancy and yet, it was enough for his knee to go ring the alarm bell already. Since that alert, the Clippers have played four games… all four without Kawhi. There isn’t a definite return date yet, but the former Raptors will be in street clothes at least until the end of the week as announced by Tyronn Lue at a press conference, and he won’t even be traveling with his team to Texas for the next two games. He will therefore not be in street clothes but squarely in pajamas.

“He’s frustrated, he wants to be on the pitch but he can’t and on top of that he can’t travel with the team either. He wanted to come with us but the doctor told him it was not a good idea because of this stiffness in his knee and what he went through. In view of the work done over the past fifteen months, Kawhi is really frustrated. »

A frustrated Leonard and a communication around the state of his right knee which remains quite vague. LA wishes to take all possible precautions so that its leader does not return to squat the benches of the infirmary in the long term and this is completely understandable given the performance of the zinzin when he is in top form. The problem is that Kawhi has only played two small games for about forty minutes and his joint is already whistling… so what will it be in a few months? An NBA season is a marathon, there’s no point in getting off to a flying start, but it’s still important to find the rhythm. One thing for the moment impossible for Kawhi Leonard who will miss at least the next two Clippers games, remains to be seen now if the medical certificate will be extended as has been the case in recent seasons…

Bad news for fans of the guy, Kawhi Leonard will not play until the end of the week, at least. The right knee of The Klaw keep acting up and the Clippers won’t take any chances with their comedy. Simple alert or relapse, whatever it is, the state of health of the winger is for the moment very mysterious.

Source texte : ESPN, NBA Memes.

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