Kenta Maeda enters Akiyama in Hiroshima, and ale fans are also excited “A deep friendship is transmitted” | Full-Count

Maeda “I haven’t boosted it. Lol.”

Twins pitcher Kenta Maeda updates her Instagram. I posted two shots with Shogo Akiyama, an outfielder who decided to join Hiroshima, and sent an ale to my best friend of the same grade who will return to NPB. The fans are delighted, saying, “Both are wonderful” and “The deep friendship between the two is conveyed.”

Maeda posted a photo of her shoulders with Akiyama at the stadium. Akiyama is believed to have been photographed while at the Reds, wearing a red undershirt with a “C” on his left chest. The right arm wrote, “I’m lonely that I can’t play in the United States, but I’m happy that the environment for playing new games has been decided. I want many players to know their attitude and skills to tackle Aki’s baseball with Carp.” Encourage Akiyama to play in Hiroshima, where he belonged until 2015. He also joked, “There are a lot of people who are misunderstood, but I didn’t support them. Laughter I don’t have that power. Laughter.”

The same 34-year-old born in 1988. Fans commented on the one that exudes the friendship between the two and Maeda’s words, “The kindness of Maeda is sunny,” “cool,” “I’m proud of being born in 1988,” and “two people are cool.” is doing.

[Actual photo]The friendship between Kenta Maeda and her best friend Shogo Akiyama wearing a “red shirt” is a fan “Two people are cool”

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