Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner: The Divorce Trial and Latest Updates

2023-07-21 19:55:52

The divorce trial of

Kevin Costner y Christine Baumgartner

It was last May when, after 18 years of an apparent stable marriage, the couple announced their separation due to irreconcilable differences.

Over the past few weeks, they have starred in countless news stories around the world due to a dispute over a house and the lack of agreement regarding the alimony of their three children in common: Cayden, 15, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 12.

Christine Baumgartner y Kevin Costner
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Christine Baumgartner demanded a pension of $248,000 a month so that her three children could have the same standard of living they had before the separation and an additional spouse.

However, the actor’s defense argued that it was excessive and the judge handling the case set a monthly amount of $129,755.

Kevin Costner’s ex, on vacation with


actor’s friend in divorce

In the midst of the process, TMZ revealed that Christine is currently vacationing on the Big Island of Hawaii with one of Kevin’s friends.

Christine is staying at a luxurious resort with Josh Connor, a wealthy financier and friend of Kevin’s who lives very close to the Costner family home in Carpinteria, California.

Sources close to Costner told TMZ that Christine and Josh have been very close and “there is no romantic relationship at all (…) They have been good friends for years.”

Kevin Costner y Christine Baumgartner
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The outlet reports that although it is unknown how long Christine will be in Hawaii, time is running out for her, as the judge ruled that she must leave the house where she lived with Costner at the end of this month, as agreed in a prenuptial agreement.

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