Kevin INFLATES his sexual performances in Z’Amours: his wife refuses to lie and BALANCES the real number (video)

Kevin, a candidate for Z’Amours, marked the spirits of viewers January 19. The man, questioned about his sexual performance, lied to Bruno Guillon. In the absence of his partner Maureen, he exaggerated his number of sex per month, claiming that he and his wife made love 30 times a month. Kevin’s wife, back on set a few minutes later, was also questioned on the subject.A friend asks your Darling: ‘How many times do you have sex a month?’ He replies ‘it’s none of your business’, ‘I don’t know, me’ or ’30 times’?, the host asked.

The latter was very honest and did not hesitate to correct her husband’s lie.I don’t know me“, replied the young woman.

Kevin invented a life on TV“, dropped Bruno Guillon, realizing that the candidate before lied. “” No, but it’s clear. Thirty times? But who are you doing it?”, Maureen asked her companion.

I said thirty times to inflate a little“Kevin replied, embarrassed.Well no, you don’t swell, tell the truth“his wife told him.We have children (…) once a week is good“, corrected the candidate.

Thank you… All my friends, there you go, ”Kevin retorted. “I had you warned: it’s typically that moment on the show where guys try to do the Rocco Siffredi And There you go“, said the host.

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