Kévin Rolland, cross-country skiers, alpine skiers … The French to be found at the Beijing Games this Saturday

From 2:30 a.m.; round 1: Romain Heinrich, Lionel Lefebvre, Dorian Hauterville and Jérôme Laporal

Ski freestyle – Half pipe (H)

From 2:30 a.m.; final: Kevin Rolland

Alpine Skiing – Team (M)

From 4 hours; round of 16: Clara Direz, Coralie Frasse Sombet, Tessa Worley, Mathieu Faivre, Thibaut Favrot and Alexis Pinturault

4:47 am: Quarter-finals
5:14 am: Semi-finals
5H46 : Final

Cross-country skiing – 50km free (H)

From 7 a.m.: Clément Parisse, Maurice Manificat, Adrien Backscheider and Jules Lapierre

From 1 p.m.; Round 3: Margot Boch and Carla Sénéchal

2:30 p.m.: 4th and last round

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