Kevin Spacey, sentenced to compensate the producer of ‘House of Cards’

Kevin Spacey. / EFE

The actor will have to pay 31 million dollars

I. C. R.

The actor Kevin Spacey will have to pay almost 31 million dollars, about 27 million euros to the change, to the producer of the series ‘House of Cards’, the fiction that he starred in Netflix for five seasons until he was fired after allegations of harassment sexual abuse by various actors, in the context of producer Harvey Weinstein’s abuse scandal.

The ruling is from October 2020, but was made public the day before yesterday, when MRC, producer of the series broadcast on the video-on-demand platform, filed a petition to confirm the verdict in a Los Angeles court. In the document, the producer details that after the complaints published against Spacey for harassment and sexual assault in 2017, it suspended the actor and ordered an investigation that determined that “Spacey broke with determinations established in the acting and executive production agreements that set the standards. for their conduct in the workplace.

The production company adds that the actor’s departure required a reorganization of the work that resulted in “substantial losses” for MRC. Thus, he had to rewrite the script excluding the unscrupulous politician Frank Underwood, the main character of the series, and redesign the sixth season that went from 13 to 8 episodes. The production company launched a legal battle against Spacey in 2019 and in 2020 an arbitration judge ruled in favor of MRC declaring Spacey’s breach of contract.

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