Kiara Aukara elected Miss Vahine Tane 2022

Miss Vahine Tane 2022 is called Kiara Aukara and she is from Papara. She was elected at the end of an evening which counted four passages, as animated as usual by a wild public. This year the new committee, made up of former winners of the competition addressed to the transgender community, wanted to convey another image: “not fairground beasts” but “women in their own right”.

They all had their quarter of an hour of glory. The six candidates for the Miss Vahine Tane election presented a show that lived up to the committee’s expectations: “prove to their loved ones that they can go to the end of what they will undertake”. From the first “eccentric” passage to the final bouquet of the evening, they ignited the room of the Hotu Catering restaurant in Punaauia, invited on stage by Teddy Teng and Haimanu Tematafaarere. Between the passages of the candidates, Man’s Tahiti, singer from Papara defending transidentity as well as a Marquesan troupe also took the stage. Kiara Aukara – candidate n°1 – is elected Miss Vahine Tane 2022 and alongside her Nora Tetauira – candidate n°4 – is elected Miss Heiva, Shanna Mahagafanau – candidate n°3 – obtains the second runner-up scarf and finally the first runner-up is Line Chun – candidate n°5.

A total of six prizes were awarded, that of the most beautiful eccentric costume goes to Line Chun – candidate n°5. That of sympathy is attributed to Reva Taerea – candidate n°2. The prize for the most beautiful traditional costume goes to Latika Riveta – candidate n°6.


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