Kick promised to update the rules after the streamer broadcast with an escort

2023-09-24 20:25:00

The Kick administration will review the platform rules after the latest broadcast by streamer Ice Poseidon. Representatives of the platform reported this on Twitter.

During the broadcast on September 21, Ice Poseidon paid a stranger $500 to invite an escort home and install hidden cameras throughout the house. The image from them was sent to the streamer’s channel. Many criticized both Ice Poseidon and the Kick administration for this. What especially aggravated the situation was that the head of the platform was watching this stream and writing in the chat.

Kick representatives said public safety should never be compromised during the production of content. They promised that they would review the rules in the near future and inform viewers separately about this.

Ice Poseidon said that immediately after the broadcast the police came to his home. Many associated this with the stream itself, but the content maker noted that he was not charged with anything, since the cameras were not hidden and everything was absolutely legal. The police showed up at Ice Poseidon’s house because he had become a victim of “swatting” – viewers calling special forces to the streamers’ house under false pretenses.

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