Kien Giang: Arresting 3 ships carrying illegal DO oil at sea | Law

Vessels illegally transporting oil DO oil in the Southwest Sea. (Photo: broadcast by VNA)

Lieutenant Colonel Vu Dinh Nga, Head of Propaganda Department-Political Division, Regional Command Coast Guard 4 (standing in Phu Quoc city-Kien Giang) said that during the peak period of fighting against crime and law violations on the occasion before, during and after the 2023 Lunar New Year, the unit consecutively seized 3 ships transporting a large amount of illegal DO oil. permission at sea.

On the 3rd and 4th of February, the patrol and control force in the southwest sea of ​​the Coast Guard Region 4 Command detected and inspected 3 fishing boat bearing number TG 93627 TS, BV 96789 TS, TG 90767 TS with suspicious signs illegal DO oil transportation on the sea.

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At the time of inspection, there were 5 crew members on board TG 93627 TS, led by Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (born in 1972, permanent address in Hoa Dinh, Cho Gao district-Tien Giang) as captain.

Vessel BV 96789 TS has 7 crew members, captained by Mr. Luong Van Trung (born in 1975) with permanent address at Tan Long, My Tho city – Tien Giang. The ship TG 90767 TS has 4 crew members, led by Mr. Bui Thanh Dien (born in 1971, permanent address in Tan Long, My Tho city-Tien Giang) as captain.

Kien Giang: There are 3 reasons why you should change your name on the image of brother 2Make a record of the captain of the ship illegally transporting DO oil in the southwest sea. (Photo: broadcast by VNA)

According to the initial testimony of the captains, the vessel TG 93627 TS is transporting about 30,000 liters of DO oil, the vessel BV 96789 TS is transporting about 100,000 liters of DO oil, and the vessel TG 90767 TS is transporting about 70,000 liters of DO oil (total of about 70,000 liters of DO oil). 200,000 liters).

The captains of the above ships could not produce invoices and documents proving the legal origin of the DO oil on board.

The functional forces of the 4th Coast Guard Region Command have made a record of administrative violations, established the initial file of the case and sealed the infringing goods, and escorted the vehicles to the Fleet port. 421 in Nam Can district, Ca Mau province for further investigation and handling in accordance with law./.

Le Sen (VNA/Vietnam+)

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