Kim Jae-won’s son, Lee Jun, ‘surprised’ for his level of English… Is he 9 years old?

[조이뉴스24 이지영 기자]Actor Kim Jae-won’s 9-year-old son Lee Jun showed off his high-level English skills.

On the 25th, KBS2’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’ showed Lee Ha-yeon, a master of kimchi, and Kim Jae-won, who opened a cooking class for foreigners.

On this day, Jaewon Kim and Jun Lee taught foreign students how to make kimchi buckwheat pancakes, saying, “K-crepe.”

New release side restaurant [사진=KBS2 캡처]

Kim Jae-won explained, “You have to thin the buckwheat dough,” and Lee Jun-gun translated it into English, “very watery,” and surprised me.

Next, Jun Lee explained in English, “It’s Ok” and “It’s good,” as he visited the students’ tables.

A student suggested to Jun Lee, “Would you like to try something you made?”, and Jun Lee even joked, “I’m getting fat.”

Gangnam, who watched the video, said, “It’s really cute,” and Ryu Su-young admired Kim Jae-won, “I’ll be full even if I don’t eat.”

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