Kim Kardashian is the heroine and producer of a comedy film soon

2023-11-20 13:26:00

Monday 20 November 2023 / 17:26

After reality TV, horror series, and fashion, through her “Skimz” brand, Kim Kardashian is preparing for a new experience, through a comedy film called “The 5th Wheel.”

According to the magazine “DeadlineKarshian will star in and produce the film, “The 5th Wheel,” with Paula Bell and Janine Prieto co-writing the script. Five major studios have submitted proposals to participate in the production of the upcoming comedy, and negotiations are currently underway to choose the most suitable among them.

Sources told the same magazine that the upcoming plans between Kim and Bill include, in addition to the film, many other works, which will be revealed later.

Despite the rapid production preparations, the script is still in the general idea stage, and even its title, “The Fifth Well,” is a tentative title, without revealing any details regarding filming dates, or the participating heroes.

Coinciding with this news, a video was circulated on YouTube claiming to reveal the details of the film, but it turned out to be nothing more than a compilation of photos and clips from episodes of the “The Kardashians” series.

This is not her first experience in acting

It is noteworthy that this is not Kim Kardashian’s first acting experience, as she previously voiced one of the characters in the animated film “Paw Patrol.”

She participated in many acting roles as a guest of honor. But her first heroism in the world of drama was through her portrayal of the character of an evil woman, playing a major role in the 12th part of the series “American Horror Story,” entitled “Sensitive,” which was shown on the “Hulu” platform last summer.

The audience’s attitudes were divided between negative and positive. While some praised her mastery of performing the complex and evil character, others considered her not as experienced as the other actors participating in the series, and described her performance as artificial.

The comedy film comes after Kim’s success in the world of reality television, through the series “The Kardashians” with her sisters and family, through the launch of her brand, “Skims.”

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