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Kim SejeongA few days ago, with the topical hit drama “In-community blind date“The popularity has exploded, followed by the next work”today’s webtoon” will also be broadcast on July 29th. Recently, she appeared in the variety show “Take off your shoes and restore orders 4Men” with starring Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon Shou, revealing that she divided relationships into 5 stages, and chose Cha Eunwoo, TWICE’s Jihyo, as the best friend, unexpectedly caused controversy.

Photo from SBS

Kim Sejeong divides relationships into five stagesPhoto from SBS

On the SBS variety show “Take Your Shoes Off 4Men” aired on the 26th, Kim Sejeong said that because of his cheerful personality, he seems to fit in well, but in fact, his personality is very recognizable and introverted, showing a reversal side. Kim Se-jung said: “I really recognize life, and there is a sequence of interpersonal relationships, from stage 5 to stage 1.” He also disclosed his interpersonal relationship stage.

Kim Sejeong divides co-stars Choi Daniel and Nam Yoon-soo into the third stagePhoto from SBS

Photo from SBS

Kim Sejeong divides the five stages of interpersonal relationships into the first stage of the closest relationship, the second stage of moderate intimacy, the third stage of only knowing, the fourth stage of knowing only the name, and the fifth stage of not knowing. Jin Shizheng chose the actors Choi Daniel, Nam Yunshou, and host Lee Sangmin, who appeared on the show together that day, as the third stage. As a result, another host Zhuo Jae-hoon expressed his grievance. Jin Shizheng explained that it was because he often met in variety shows. Li Sangmin also refilled the gun: “I don’t remember Zhuo Jae-hoon very much.” It caused the scene to burst into laughter.

Kim Sejeong said that with gugudan and IOI is the second stagePhoto from SBS

Kim Sejeong selects TWICE's Jihyo and ASTRO's Cha Eun as best friendsPhoto from SBS

When asked “Who is the second stage”, Kim Sejeong replied: “The members who have worked together.” He mentioned gugudan and IOI, and the best friends in the first stage are TWICE’s Jihyo and ASTRO’s Excellent car silver. Jin Shizheng also added: “If you haven’t seen each other for 3 months, you need to get close again.” Showing an unexpected personality.

Kim Sejeong and Jihyo went on a trip togetherPhoto from Instagram

Jin Shizheng and Cha Eunyou have cooperated many times to form a good friendshipPhoto from Instagram

After the broadcast of the program, Kim Shizheng’s 5 stages of interpersonal relationships caused controversy on the Internet, with more than 1,500 comments on popular forum articles. Some netizens said, “You can rest assured about this kind of thing…”, “Although it’s not about being scolded like this, it’s really too hasty to say it directly on the show”, “No matter how good Cha Yinyou is, it’s the second stage. Bar”. Another part of the netizens slowed down, “The pyramid map is made by the show, and Jin Shizheng just said that the order of close people is not to rank friends.” thing”.

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