King Body Art: Overcoming Discrimination in the Workplace and the Acting Industry

2023-09-25 14:03:58

A native of Birmingham, UK, is accused of being discriminated against at work because of his body tattoos. 43-year-old Matthew Whelan came forward with the revelation. He had officially changed his name to King Body Art.

He also says that the tattoo on his body attracts others. In the beginning, he struggled a lot to find a job. It was very difficult to find a job. He also says that he had to face discrimination there as well.

He shared his experience in a call center where he worked earlier. He also accused that he was hidden from the office management.

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“Being different puts a lot of pressure on you. When I was working in a call center I was suddenly transferred from one office to another. This change was due to managers coming into the office. “He was moved from his seat in the office when the managers came,” said Matthew Whelan.

Meanwhile, he has said goodbye to corporate work for the time being. Now Veelan has entered the acting field. He also appears in the BBC television show Doctors. But the main allegation is that he is being typecast there as well.

Whelan also says that he is best suited to play the role of a prisoner. He also said that he got the role because of his tattoo.

Matthew Whelan spent about $40,000 (approx. 33,250 lakhs) to get his body tattooed. He has also tattooed the white part of his eye.

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