King Carlos III cruelly betrays Prince William by taking away an important position

Recently, it has been revealed that the King Charles III you might be thinking of giving it a important Posted inside Buckingham Palace to David Cholmondeleyhusband of the controversial English noblewoman Rose Hanburywhich would bring great conflicts with his eldest son, the prince William.

Once again, rumors are being created about the UK monarchy, this time due to an alleged job offer to Rose Hanbury’s husband within the Buckingham Palacewhere several members of the British royal house reside, as is the case with Prince William, but this would not be the main problem, but rather the rumors about the infidelity from William to Kate Middleton with the wife of David Cholmondeley.

Rose Hanbury is the woman accused of interfering in the marriage of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, for which Prince William will be seen strongly

affected by the offer that his father would have made to Rose’s husband to work at Buckingham Palace. In addition, it would be an important position that Prince William hoped to receive, sources of information close to the royal house have stated that the king’s eldest son is really sorry and concerned about the future conflicts What will this situation bring?

The position discussed is nothing more and nothing less than the private secretary of the king, who will have as a duty, to attend all kinds of events and commitments, must also represent King Carlos III in different acts of royalty that he cannot attend personally.

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