King Szymon Marciniak. This is the peak! No one before a Pole will do Pika nona

2023-05-22 15:51:00

Szymon Marciniak scored a very good performance in the return match of the semi-final of the Champions League, in which Manchester City defeated Real Madrid (4:0). The Pole received praise throughout the football world and could be pleased with himself. He also became one of the main candidates to lead the final match. His chances were further increased when Dutchman Danny Makkelie, who was supposed to be one of the favorites to referee the final (along with Slovenian Slavko Vincic), recorded a disastrous encounter in the semi-final of the Europa League. Now we know that UEFA has chosen a Polish referee.

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Marciniak, the first such judge in history. Great success of the Pole in the Champions League and the World Cup

Szymon Marciniak will become the first referee in history to officiate the final of the World Cup and the semi-final and final of the Champions League in one season. Never before has any umpire officiated so many top-stakes games in one year, although several came close. It is also not common for UEFA to appoint a single referee for both the semi-final and final of major European club competitions. There has been only one such case in recent years.

And it was Mark Clattenburg. The Englishman officiated the semi-final and final of the Champions League in the 2015/16 season. However, he is “worse” than Marciniak in this respect, because he could not referee the final of the World Cup at that time – these were held only two years later. However, Clattenburg was the referee of the final duel of the European Championships in France. We mentioned that it is rare for referees to be appointed for both the Champions League semi-final and final. Before Mark Clattenburg’s final, this had only happened twice, at the very beginning of Europe’s most important club tournament. In the 1955/56 season, Englishman Arthur Edward Ellis and a year later Dutchman Leo Horn refereed the semi-final match and then the final of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. We had to wait 59 years for another such case.

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Czestochowa, October 22, 2022.  PKO Ekstraklasa: Rakow Czestochowa - Korona Kielce 1:0

Szymon Marciniak is also the second referee in history to officiate the final of the World Cup and the final of the Champions League in the same season. The first referee to do so was Howard Webb in 2010. However, the difference between the Englishman and Marciniak is that he did not lead the semi-finals of the latter competition.

Marciniak reached the judges’ peak. What else can he achieve in the Champions League?

The appointment of Szymon Marciniak for the final match means that in a few weeks the Polish referee will achieve the main goal of every European referee. On the continent, the Pole will only have to win the final of the European Championship. It is a success worth noting also because the Polish referee is far from the end of his career. This significantly increases his chances of hosting the final again in the future, and then joining the elite group of judges. So far, only four arbitrators have received this honor. They were Leo Horn (1957, 1962), Gottfried Dienst (1961, 1965), Concetto Lo Bello (1968, 1970) and Karoly Palotai (1976, 1981). The Polish referee is already one of the best in history.

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