Kliff Kingsbury says the Cardinals were unaware of JJ Watt’s plans to retire

JJ Watt’s retirement announcement came as a surprise for the Arizona Cardinals organization, specially the team’s head coach Cliff Kingsburywho told the media that he found out about his star defensive end plans at the same time fans did, which was when Watt posted it on social media.

Kliff Kingsbury is happy for JJ Watt but had no idea of his plans

While talking to the media this Wednesday at a press conference in the team’s facility, head coach Cliff Kingsbury said he’s happy for JJ Wattbecause he seems to be in a really good place with his decision.

But then acknowledged that the announcement was a surprise for the whole coaching staff.

“We had no idea that that was coming, but what a tremendous player, person and all-time greatest. To see him play the way he played the other night and then hear that. I think it’s just a special time for him, the organization, the entire NFL to kind of celebrate him these last two weeks.”

JJ Watt has had a stellar career

JJ Watt has played in the NFL for 12 seasons and has been one of the premiere defensive lineman since entering the league after being drafted by the Houston Texans.

He was named three times the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Yearand is considered by peers, coaches and fans as one of the best defensive ends to ever play the game.

His last two games will be against the Atlanta Falcons and the san francisco 49ers.

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