“Koh-Lanta: The Sacred Fire – Tania’s Epic Comeback, Immunity Necklace, and Strategic Moves”

2023-05-23 21:40:00

Eliminated on the board last week, Tania is far from done with Koh-Lanta: The Sacred Fire. By beating Esteban in a final duel, the dietician regained her place in the adventure. A second chance that comes with several benefits such as a basket full of foodstuffs, clues that can allow him to find an immunity collar and, finally, the possibility of reading his mail and allowing a comrade to his choice to also read his.

You can’t get rid of me like this!“, she says when she arrives at the reunited camp where the other adventurers compare her to a “survivor” or even a “leech”.

After careful consideration, Tania decided to allow Quentin to read her mail. A strategic gift to bring the carpenter back to his camp. And, as much to say that the present pleases the adventurer: “I think about it every day since I missed the call“says Quentin in tears.

Together they bring the chest containing mangoes, lentils, rice and a huge brownie back to camp. Their comrades do not believe their eyes. “It’s a little December 25”, launches Julie who does not hesitate to share her enthusiasm after each bite: “I didn’t expect to have so much enjoyment with food.

Tania scores points but is not satisfied with this small victory. The tennis player goes directly in search of the immunity necklace and finds it after long searches. “Koh Lantait’s a sick adventure“, she said in tears, the necklace in hand.

While Nicolas makes sure not to be eliminated at the penultimate council by winning the immunity test, Laura, who unfortunately lost it, adds a voice against her for the evening count. The vote is tight. Everything is played out between Laura and Tania who, against all odds, decided not to take out her immunity necklace to save her place. A gamble that turns into a stroke of genius for the young woman who, with only 3 votes against her, keeps her place in the adventure. With four votes against her, Laura is, for her part, asked to leave Koh-Lanta.

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Tania, nicknamed the “Phoenix de Koh-Lanta”, seems so far invincible but will she be able to win her ticket for the final square which will come up against the mythical test of orientation? After more than once failing to be eliminated from the adventure, the dietician is more determined than ever.

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