Korean Family Murdered in Sydney – Taekwondo Instructor Arrested

2024-02-22 00:46:15

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Three members of a Korean family were found dead in Sydney, Australia.

Australian police arrested an instructor who runs a Taekwondo academy in the same neighborhood as a murder suspect.

This is reporter Kyung-mi Lee.

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In front of a Taekwondo academy in Sydney, Australia.

A police line is set up and local police officers continue to investigate the scene.

On the 20th, local time, a Korean woman in her 40s and a young child were found stabbed to death at this Taekwondo gym.

[다니엘 도허티/뉴사우스웨일스주 경찰 형사과장]

“We believe the boy and his mother were murdered at the Taekwondo gym between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on Monday 19 February.”

Also, on the morning of the same day, a 39-year-old Korean man named Cho was found stabbed to death in his home. A police investigation revealed that they were all members of the same family.

Australian police announced that they arrested a 49-year-old Korean man, Mr. Yoo, a Taekwondo gym instructor, on suspicion of murdering them.

The police said that the deceased child was attending a Taekwondo gym run by Mr. Yoo.

The police believe that Mr. Yoo killed a woman and a child at a Taekwondo gym, and then killed Mr. Cho by traveling in the dead woman’s car.

However, the police have not revealed the motive for the crime.

[이합 자합/현지 주민]

“It’s very unusual. I’ve lived here for 15 years and this neighborhood is usually very quiet. So it’s very scary.”

Police said they were working with the Korean Consulate General in Sydney to contact Cho’s other family members.

This is Gyeongmi Lee from MBC News.

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