Korean talent show “PRODUCE 48” limited girl group IZ*ONE is officially disbanded丨Three Japanese members leave Korea and return to Japan, Tian Renmei reluctantly looks wet | Apple Daily

The limited girl group IZ*ONE formed by the Korean talent show “PRODUCE 48” was disbanded yesterday as originally planned. They were released on October 29, 2018. They announced that they would only be active for two and a half years, so the group was released yesterday.Formally disbanded

Following the dissolution of IZ*ONE, three Japanese members Sakira Miyawaki, Nako Yabuki and Hitomi Honda also returned to Japan by plane today. When they appeared at the airport, they attracted a large number of media and fans to bid farewell. Due to the fact that the fans were unable to leave their members and they did not know whether they would develop in South Korea in the future, the fans all behaved reluctantly. Honda Hitomi was even more sad with tears in his eyes and gave the staff a last hug.


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