Kortrijk: a 52-year-old woman killed with a sword, her 9-year-old daughter manages to escape

A 52-year-old woman was killed on Sunday evening in Marke (Courtrai, West Flanders), with a sword. A 9-year-old girl for whom she was responsible was also present in the house. She was injured but was able to escape. The victim’s companion was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

The facts took place in the Monsignor Callewaertstraat. The Vlas police zone received a call around 7:00 p.m. On the spot, the agents noted the violent death of HB. Witnesses indicated having seen a car leave the scene at high speed after the facts. MZ, the deceased woman’s companion, was arrested shortly afterwards. According to the prosecution, “He rang the doorbell of a house a mile and a half away, asking for a glass of water and saying he had done something to his wife”.

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