Kremlin’s Violation of Ukraine-Russia Agreement: The Return of Azov Leaders – Latest News, Updates, and Analysis

2023-07-09 04:36:52

The Kremlin affirmed today (07.08.2023) that the return to Ukraine of five commanders who for months led the defense of the Azovstal steel plant last year in Mariupol, in the eastern Donetsk region, violates the agreement reached with Russia when it released the fighters.

“The return of the leaders of the Azov (regiment) from Turkey to Ukraine is nothing more than a direct violation of the terms of the existing agreements,” the spokesman for the RIA told the news agency Ria Novosti. KremlinDmitri Peskov, who argued that these leaders should stay in Turkey “until the end of the conflict.”

Peskov noted that in addition to the violation of the agreement, no one informed Russia about the transfer from Turkey to Ukraine of the commanders of the Azov battalion, considered a terrorist organization in Russia. Therefore, he said, both Turkey and Ukraine violated the terms of the agreement on the release of the fighters.

The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenskileft Turkey to go to his country together with those five commanders, whom he described as “heroes” and whom he received at the Istanbul airport with hugs and smiles, according to a video published by his office.

The leaders of the Azov regiment were in Turkey since September 2022 under the protection of the Turkish presidentRecep Tayyip Erdogan, who brokered their release in a prisoner exchange with Russia.

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