Kudryavtseva in a black suit with a print and sneakers took to the streets of Moscow

The 50-year-old TV presenter showed off her everyday look, which her friends appreciated.

Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: instagram.com/leratv/

Lera Kudryavtseva celebrated its anniversary this year. The famous TV presenter did not throw a grand party. But she spent most of the summer with her family. In the company of her husband Igor Makarov and daughter Maria, the blonde visited Sochi, and then sunbathed in Turkey. She later returned to the Black Sea, since again led the “New Wave”. It is worth noting that at the age of 50, the TV presenter takes care of herself and boasts a slender figure.

Usually for red carpet and concerts Lera chooses designer dresses, costumes, emphasizing the dignity of her figure. But in ordinary life, she likes to wear comfortable outfits. In the summer, she prefers bright skirts, and with the onset of autumn, the TV presenter began to dress more often in a sport-chic style. This time, after work, Kudryavtseva went out into the streets of Moscow in a black tracksuit with a print and sneakers. She was holding a down jacket with a hood in her hands.

“Have you thought about what makes you happy? I understand that happiness is perhaps a momentary feeling, but still. And when my head doesn’t hurt, I feel happy, ”the star shared.

Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: instagram.com/leratv/

Not only fans, but also friends appreciated her everyday look. “It suits you very well,” said Katya Gordon. “Stylish, cool suit,” – joined the rapper Ptah. “Happiness is within us”, “How beautiful you are”, “Young beauty”, “It’s cool to look 20 at 50 years old”, “Your style suits you so well”, “How cool, I wouldn’t recognize it on the street”, “Very beautiful , as always, ”subscribers commented on the post.

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