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Party leader Tunahan Kuzu of DENK had to leave politics because of a cross-border relationship with a former employee of his party, reports HP / De Tijd Sunday based on research. Kuzu unexpectedly announced last week that he was leaving politics.

HP / De Tijd has a written statement from the former employee. In the statement, the woman writes that she and Kuzu were having an affair. After this relationship ended, an incident would have occurred in which the married Kuzu would have acted “cross-border”. The woman accuses him of “abuse of power and other undesirable behavior,” the magazine writes.

After the incident, the former employee would have knocked on the door of Farid Azarkan, the current party leader of DENK. Azarkan is said to have wanted to think about measures, but said nothing after the conversation.

After that, the woman informed President Khadija Arib. Arib would have advised her to file a report. She did not, because she would fear that the revelation would have major consequences for her life, according to an email from Arib who HP / De Tijd in your hands.

Later, party chairman Selçuk Öztürk would have contacted her because he wanted to confront Kuzu. However, the former employee of DENK did not want to participate.

Response Kuzu in HP / De Tijd

Kuzu has commented in writing in HP / De Tijd. “It is quite easy to make such accusations, with the accused knowing that the accused will never win the image evoked here. However, the facts are different,” he writes.

“Let me say that, contrary to the image that this publication evokes, I have done nothing that can in any way be interpreted as cross-border. My decision to stop as a political leader and as a Member of Parliament was inspired by what I had previously have stated, namely the impact on my personal life and the lack of energy and the commitment to go for it for another period, “said Kuzu.



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