“Kylian Mbappe’s Future at PSG Uncertain: Will He Stay or Go?”

2023-05-24 18:40:00

The winter of 2024 is heralded as that of 2021. At least as far as news about Kylian Mbappe and its possible continuation in the Paris Saint-Germain. As published this Wednesday The Team, the player will not activate his extra season in Paris, so he will be released in July 2024.

When on May 21 of last year all the Princes Park celebrated the renewal of the French attacker, a wave of relief swept through the city, after months of intense negotiations and successive attacks by the Real Madrid, who came to put 200 million euros on the table.

It was a triumph for the Qatari owners of PSG, but a partial victory, because in reality the contract for three additional seasons hid a detail: the last one was optional and depended on the player’s will.

Mbappé now has until July 31 to activate or not that extra year at the club he joined in 2017 after paying Monaco for the second-highest transfer in history (180 million), and with which five years later he signed the biggest contract football has ever known. And, according to L’Équipe, he has no intention of doing so.

At 24 years old, the player has become the most prized player on the market, a condition that he wants to make the most of to raise the demands of his current club. That is why he places the sword of Damocles of his continuity over their heads, a warning that the investment effort must not stop.

If you don’t activate that clause, Mbappé will be free to negotiate with other clubs from next January, six months before the end of your contract. PSG will once again live the nightmares of last year, Madrid to feed hope and the rest of Europe to dream of attracting the player.

PSG have already shown in the past that the Frenchman is their absolute priority, which reduces the chances of an exit this summer, although that would ensure a significant transfer fee, although money is not lacking in Doha.

But between now and next summer, PSG will have to display all its charms again to convince the footballer who, on two occasions, has already shown his desire to go to Real Madrid (in 2017 and, above all, in the summer of 2021). .

Last December he asked for his departure again, but this time in a more lukewarm way, considering that the club’s signings had been short-lived, which forced him to play as a pivot in attack, far from the band where he is considered more dangerous.

Not even the presence of Neymar and Leo Messi at his side seemed enough to fulfill his ambition. The team has become a constellation of stars without a soul, hanging on the drive and impetus of the French striker, the true locomotive of that galaxy.

Now, Mbappé once again has all the cards in his hand, although the club seems less nervous than a year ago. In his favor, he counts on the fact that the current head of football, the Portuguese Louis Fields, He maintains a close relationship with the footballer’s family, which puts him in a good position to negotiate an extension.

But the club, which multiplies European bitterness, has no time to lose to form a team capable of raising the long-awaited Champions League.

There the future of the footballer will be at stake, who has already reached the ceiling in terms of the emoluments of his contract. If he considers that PSG is a good ship to reach the highest international trophy at the club level, he will be able to continue his adventure in Paris, but otherwise he will start his third professional adventure in another entity.

Madrid will be on the lookout again, but the player has also shown his appreciation for the Premier League, where the Liverpool and the Manchester United they could surprise you.


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