Kylian Mbappé’s Performance Analysis: Luis Enrique’s Defense and High Standards

2023-10-08 21:31:38

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With four games without a goal and more generally a start to the season where despite advantageous statistics, his level of play remains questionable, Kylian Mbappé confirms that he is going through a complicated period. His huge miss at the end of the match when he had the goal open in front of him did not fail to get people talking after the victory in Rennes (3-1).

Luis Enrique very satisfied with Mbappé

But the PSG star knows that she can count on Luis Enrique who is always quick to defend him. At a press conference, the Parisian coach did not hesitate to defend his player, believing, at least publicly, that his performances have been of a high level since the start of the season.

“Kylian hasn’t scored but he’s been at a very high level since the start of the season. He did good deeds. He made passes, he created good chances. It’s true that it’s a bit strange that he didn’t score in this match, but it’s anecdotal. I remember what he brings to the team in attack and defense. »

To sum up

Kylian Mbappé is going through a difficult period with four games without a goal, but his coach at PSG, Luis Enrique, defends him. Enrique says Mbappé’s performances have been of a high standard since the start of the season, highlighting his contributions in attack and defense despite a notable miss in the game in Rennes.

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