La Liga: Atletico star Suarez shoots against FC Barcelona

After six years and 195 goals for the Blaugrana, Luis Suarez was eliminated from FC Barcelona in the summer for reasons of age. In an interview with “France Football”, the Uruguayan is shooting at his former employer: “I was told that I was too old and could no longer keep up at the top level. That really bothered me. “

Barça coach Ronald Koeman contacted Suarez by phone last summer and informed him that he would no longer expect him for the next season. The retirement at Barcelona came as a surprise to the 34-year-old: “If I hadn’t done anything for Barça in three or four years, I would have understood. But I scored my 20 goals every season and always had good statistics. ” If the contract runs for a few years and the club wants to sell you, that’s understandable, said Suarez. “But Barça just didn’t count on me anymore. They didn’t want me anymore. I’ve reached an age where I deserve a certain respect. “

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