La Voz Argentina: Margarita, the daughter of Esteban Bullrich, auditioned at the contest and moved the juries

In The Argentine Voice there are moments of great emotion. The singing and the stories of the participants touch very special fibers not only in the public but also in each of the juries. And on Monday night, there was a participant who, with her interpretation, managed to move and bring tears to Ricardo Montaner. It was about Margaret Bullrichwho appeared on the program, accompanied by her father, former senator Stephen Bullrichand the rest of his family.

“With my dad we always sang, but when I was nine years old I started doing musical comedy. When I went on stage, I felt like it was me, in front of the world,” Margarita confessed at the time of her introduction, adding: “I would dedicate this first song to my dad, because he gave me this love for music that I have now.” Later Marley sat down to chat with the participant, who was with her father, who was very excited. Esteban Bullrich communicated the pride he felt for Margarita, adding: “I feel very emotional. I am happy because I see my daughter doing something that she is passionate about, following her heart, and I believe that a father cannot have a more fulfilling dream”.

Next, Margarita performed “Learn to fly”, not only from her voice but also through sign language. As the song progressed, Ricardo, Mau y Ricky They turned around, followed by Lali Esposito y Soledad Pastorutti. in return, Montaner was very moved, and expressed: “You had many inaccuracies, I imagine it was because of your nerves, but something happened that I don’t know what it was, and Mau and Ricki and I turned around together. And then what I saw, made me cry very big. Taking the floor, Margarita explained: “I had a few difficult years, my dad was diagnosed with ALS a year ago, and it was a bit hard, it was something that taught us a lot as a family. Take something good out of everything bad, and music is a relief in that, that’s why also sign language, so that everyone can enjoy it”.

In her turn, Lali told the singer: “I assumed that there was something related to sign language, I was very intrigued to see who the artist on stage was. Personally, I turned for an interest, you have a very sweet thing, and obviously your sweetness is transmitted in your imprint”. Then, Montaner spoke again, and stressed: “But something has to happen for us to have turned around, knowing that there were inaccuracies.”

In her turn, Sole highlighted: “I noticed a question of overcoming at the arrival of the first chorus, and I felt like your desire to overcome, yes I could perceive that. I feel like this wasn’t the best performance, but I think there can be better ones.” When she had to evaluate Margarita’s performance, Mau concluded: “There is something that happens that goes beyond precision, it is almost like something supernatural that begins to happen, that moves, and that manages to change things.”

When specialists asked her what drove her to sing, Margarita confessed: “For me, music was always a way of saying what I couldn’t say speaking, and I appreciate being told that I was able to convey something. It was always about overcoming the different situations that touched us, it’s like a shield, a liberation of what I feel and what I am, and it wouldn’t be the same without music”.

When choosing a team, Margarita opted for Mau and Ricky. In this way, the brothers accompanied the participant behind the scenes, where her father was waiting for her very excited.

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