“La Zarra: The French Singer Representing at Eurovision 2023 – Profile and Performance Updates”

2023-05-13 04:01:00

This Saturday, May 13, is the big night for La Zarra who will defend France at Eurovision. We take stock of his profile.

She will have the heavy task of representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Her real name Fatima Zahra Hafdi, La Zarra is a Quebec singer revealed herself in 2021 with the hit “Tu t’en iras”.

“I am a great admirer of the most beautiful French voices like Edith Piaf, Barbara, Dalida but also Céline Dion”, she introduced herself.

“A hymn about universal love”

A few weeks after his nomination, La Zarra presented his song for the competition. This is the title “Obviously”.

“It’s a French anthem about universal love, self-love, the love of absolute happiness in such a complex world, the battle of a lifetime to arrive at sincere love”, estimated Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the French delegation to Eurovision during the presentation.

“I have confidence in my song. I know it will please,” assured La Zarra. “I’m a perfectionist. We spent 48 hours without sleep just to mix the song. It’s very important for me to offer a qualitative song that represents France with a beautiful message.”

Concern in April

The weeks preceding the contest were not a long calm river for the tricolor candidate. La Zarra had to withdraw from two events she was due to attend in Amsterdam in April, at Eurovision In Concert on Saturday night, a popular event for fans of the European song contest, and in London, at the London Party this Sunday. .

“I’m not going to lie, I have ups and downs compared to the competition,” La Zarra told the Parisianalso referring to a “emotional exhaustion”. She also explained that she lost her voice “for six months” and only really found it recently.

When will she sing?

Finally, La Zarra will be in Liverpool for the Eurovision final to defend the colors of France. According Entertainment TV, she will sing in 6th position. His performance is scheduled in the first part of the final, as are other favorite nations like Sweden and Finland.

She succeeds the rock-electro group Alvan & Ahez who finished penultimate in the competition in 2022. The competition was won by the Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra.

As a reminder, France, which has won Eurovision five times, has not triumphed since 1977, with the song L’oiseau et l’enfant interpreted by Marie Myriam. In 2021, Barbara Pavi had come close to victory, finishing in second position with her song, “Voilà”.

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