Lack of exercise causes this in our body

Constipation, stiff joints, shortness of breath, severe mood swings, always tired
Slowing metabolism, poor sleep health, forgetfulness, elevated blood pressure
Back pain, constant hunger, frequent pain, dull skin, etc.

When our body lacks exercise, it sends a signal that we need exercise. Getty Images Bank

It is a fact that everyone knows that moderate exercise gives vitality to our body, but modern people always lack exercise under the excuse of being busy with work and various social life.

In addition, as life becomes more convenient, the time spent sitting or lying down rather than moving as much as possible increases, and the time to exercise is further reduced. When this happens, your body starts sending signals that you need to exercise.

What kind of signals are our bodies sending us that we need exercise? The US medical information site ‘WebMD’ suggested several symptoms as follows.

First, ‘constipation’ occurs. The more our body moves, the more our intestines move and the easier it is to pass a bowel movement in time. Healthy muscle tone in the abs and diaphragm is important for the movement of waste products through the digestive tract. In particular, regular exercise can help you to have regular bowel movements as you age.

Also, ‘joints become stiff’. If your joints hurt and you have difficulty moving, it could be a sign of an inflammatory disease such as arthritis or an autoimmune disease. But even if you don’t use your joints enough, you can feel stiffness. Therefore, you should exercise regularly and try to move your joints a lot.

Moderate exercise improves not only physical health but also mental health. Getty Images Bank

Being out of breath all the time is also a sign that you need exercise. Just as muscles that help you use your lungs to breathe just as muscles like your biceps weaken if you don’t use them, the muscles that help you use your lungs to breathe also lose strength if you don’t exercise them regularly. The less activity you do, the more out of breath you get even when performing everyday tasks that are easy to perform.

‘Emotional ups and downs’ is also a sign that you need to exercise. Lack of exercise doesn’t just harm physical health. It can amplify anxiety and depression. Therefore, exercise should promote not only physical health but also mental health. Aerobic exercise, such as walking, biking, swimming, or running, can improve your mood, give you a sense of security, and boost your self-esteem.

‘Lack of energy’ is also a sign that exercise is necessary. Are you living in exhaustion these days? Exercise helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues. If you spend most of your time sitting, you are always tired because you are not getting enough fuel to sustain your life.

Along with this, ‘metabolism slows down’. People with fast metabolisms are able to move more even though the movements may seem fidgety. The more active a person is, the more calories they burn with each movement.

If you have poor sleep health, such as suffering from insomnia, it is also a sign that you need exercise. If it is difficult to fall asleep properly at night, you need to move a lot through regular exercise during the day. The more you do this, the faster you fall asleep and the better you can sleep.

“My forgetfulness is getting worse” is also a sign that exercise is necessary. Regular exercise makes more growth factors in your body that stimulate blood vessels in the brain. The more blood your brain gets, the better your memory and the better decisions you can make.

If you love your body, you need to exercise more and move more. Getty Images Bank

Here, ‘blood pressure rises’ is also a sign that you need to exercise. Sitting most of the time increases your risk of heart disease. This is because you are more likely to develop high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart attack.

‘My back hurts’ also makes me feel the need for exercise. If the core muscles are not used enough and become weak, the muscles cannot properly support the back. This puts a strain on your back, even with everyday movements such as standing up or reaching out. Pilates, yoga, and other stretching exercises can help strengthen your back.

The feeling of ‘always wanting to eat something’ is also a sign that you need exercise. It might seem like more exercise makes you hungry more often, but the opposite is true. Aerobic exercise, such as biking, swimming, walking and running, can actually reduce your appetite because it changes levels of certain ‘fasting hormones’ in your body.

‘Frequent pain’ is also a sign that exercise is necessary. Studies have shown that moderate physical activity is associated with a lower risk of contracting a cold or other germs. Making exercise a habit strengthens your immune system.

In addition, the fact that the skin loses its luster is also a sign of the need for exercise. If your skin looks duller than usual, lack of exercise may be the cause. Some studies have found that moderate exercise can help keep your skin young by strengthening blood circulation and the immune system.

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