Lack of focal point for education and traffic culture

As a result, many agencies do this, from the Women’s Union, the Youth Union to schools, the police, the National Traffic Safety Committee… but no clue.

“That means propagating and educating our traffic culture like a hundred flowers in bloom, every unit does it but there is no definite direction. Therefore, the forms keep repeating the same (slogans, parades, learning contests…) without anything new, creative.

While propagandizing traffic culture must be methodical, this phase focuses on issue A, another phase focuses on issue B. To do so, there must be a clue, “Mr. Duc analyzed.

Mr. Duc said that, because there is no focal agency, now the traffic culture propaganda is attributed to the National Traffic Safety Committee. However, this unit is only for coordination activities between agencies. To develop a traffic culture, there must be a focal agency that has the power to take responsibility.

According to Mr. Duc, in the current context, the agency that can thoroughly solve this problem is the traffic police.

Recently, when the police force fiercely handled violations of alcohol content, the situation of alcohol use while driving has been greatly reduced.

“From the above fact, I think that the focal point of traffic culture propaganda should be assigned to the traffic police to do the most effective. Of course, to do this thoroughly, the traffic police force itself must be serious, avoiding for some reason that ignores violations.

Building a traffic culture must be accompanied by propaganda and coercion. In particular, the enforcement measures of the traffic police have an immediate impact and have a very strong effect on preventing traffic safety violations.

In the long term, it is necessary to have a strategy to propagate the culture of participating in traffic for people,” said Mr. Duc.

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