Laeticia Hallyday explains the unexpected link between Johnny and Michael Jackson

Published on November 27, 2022 at 6:55 p.m.

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A very surprising anecdote told by Laeticia Hallyday.

On December 8, the documentary “Johnny by Laeticia” will be released on M6. The opportunity to learn lots of completely new anecdotes about the rocker. Laeticia Hallyday returns in particular about her husband’s infidelities and how she experienced them. But many other topics are obviously covered.

A link between Michael Jackson and Johnny Hallyday

As our colleagues from Here reveal, via an excerpt broadcast by Here Paris, Johnny Hallyday and Michael Jackson had a surprising and unknown link. It all started in June 2009. Michael Jackson died when a major tour had been announced. What to worry the insurances which ask Johnny Hallyday to pass health examinations because he connects the concerts. And it is precisely during these health examinations that colon cancer is discovered. Johnny Hallyday is then operated and can go on tour.

“In 2008, Johnny is on tour and continues date after date. The insurance companies are starting to get a little scared and send him for tests. We realize that he has the onset of colon cancer. He is operated on and saved… And goes on tour again. I like to say that Michael Jackson saved him,” says Laeticia Hallyday.

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