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Real won in Son Moix, a weight was lifted from their shoulders that was passed on to Mallorca, although in other qualifying circumstances, and they scored again after four consecutive games without doing so.


Predrag Rajkovic, Giovanni Gonzalez, Nastasic, Raillo, Valjent, Jaume Costa (Lato, 80 minutes), Dani (Darder, 80 minutes), Antonio Sanchez (Manu Morlanes, 64 minutes), Samuel Costa, Cyle Larin (Abdon Prats). , min. 63) and Muriqi


R. Society

Remiro, Javi Galán, Zubeldia (Jon Pacheco, min. 64), Le Normand, Hamari Traore, Martín Zubimendi, Merino, Brais (Beñat Turrientes, min. 72), Sadiq (André Silva, min. 64), Take Kubo and Arsen Zakharyan (Barrenetxea, min. 64)

Goals 1-0 min. 3: Antonio Sánchez. 1-1 min. 37: Take Kubo. 1-2 min. 92: Merino.

Referee Pablo González Fuertes

Yellow cards Antonio Sanchez (30 minutes), Le Normand (40 minutes), Predrag Rajkovic (46 minutes), Zubeldia (60 minutes), Jon Pacheco (77 minutes), Nastasic (81 minutes), Samuel Costa (81 minutes). Beñat Turrientes (95 minutes), Merino (96 minutes) and Muriqi (97 minutes)

Aguirre wanted little to happen in Son Moix after Antonio Sánchez scored in the third minute, but as the first half wore on, things began to happen. First, what Kubo scored; Then, Mallorca suddenly felt all the nerves he had on him, and with half-time just around the corner, he was left behind for the rest of the game.

The islanders felt aggrieved by some referee decisions, in that subjective vision that footballers have, which is more distorted with the adrenaline triggered, and first Rajkovic vehemently asked for a foul, which seemed to be one, although there was no longer any danger to his goal, and saw the yellow card.

Then it was Raillo, who had a dispute with Sadiq, who received it, and by applauding the disciplinary sanction he came face to face with the second one. González Fuertes, the referee, demonstrated a couple of things with his decisions: that he does not have a left hand, although he raises it when there is an offside, and that, influenced by the idea that referees are there to receive whistles and not applause, He doesn’t like to be applauded. He confirmed it in the second half, when he expelled Real’s physical trainer for the same reason.

Until the vermilion nerves were triggered, things were interesting, because Sánchez had scored as soon as it started, on a long throw-in, which Larin touched and the player from Palma scored with a volley next to the post. Then what was expected happened, and Real Sociedad took possession of the ball for many minutes, although they needed binoculars to look at Rajkovic.

Zubimendi tried from outside the area, but many minutes passed until the next attempt, and yet, Mallorca, still with legs, tried on the counter. Dani Rodríguez had a good chance.

Mallorca was playing comfortably, and Real was disjointed, but in a turnover by Muriqi, Zubeldia put the ball to Kubo, who had room to run and finish with a dry shot that tied the game. Then came the local nerves, the expulsion of Raillo and a second half with total harassment from Real Sociedad, but a Mallorca well positioned so few things happened, apart from the fact that the most deranged referee seemed to be the one who showed twelve yellow cards. , one red, and several more distributed between the two benches.

Although Real were stuck, Mallorca played with fire, and the insistence of San Sebastian was rewarded in the injury time, when a cross from Pacheco from the left was headed by Merino into the net to give the three points to his team, which It removes a burden, and is revitalized after the setback in Paris.

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