Lamia – Panathinaikos 0-5: Orgia from Ioannidis 2024-04-23 07:32:50

With great protagonists Ioannidis and Bakaseta o Panathinaikos swept through Lamia, took the three points, and will go on Wednesday (24/4) to the OPAP Arena for a title double.

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With Fotis Ioannidis (two goals, one assist) and Tassos Bakaseta (two goals, two assists) doing what they… want the defense of Lamia, Panathinaikos passed like “wind” from “Athanassios Diakos”, crushed the local team with 5-0 in the 6th matchday of the play offs and stepped back to the top of the standings with one match more than AEK and two more than PAOK and Olympiakos, waiting for their own games.

Benjamin Verbitz gave the greens the lead in the 23rd minute, having taken the place of Bernard two minutes earlier, who was replaced with biceps muscle problems.

Panathinaikos entered the match with a desire to pressure Lamia’s defense from the first minutes and in the 4th minute, from a nice individual effort by Ioannidis from the right and turning towards the area, Tserin found himself in a shooting position, but his finish found Koselev was on standby and then Vasilantonopoulos kicked out for a corner.

In the 9th minute, Lamia visited the Panathinaikos box for the first time, with Tsiloulis making an individual effort from the right and shooting from a very lateral position on the outside of the nets.

Panathinaikos “lost” Bernard Duarte with a muscle injury in the 20th minute, who was feeling minor discomfort after a sprint in the quarter, with Verbic taking his place on the left edge of the “green” attack and scoring less than two minutes later his entrance!

In the 23rd minute, from Ioannidis’ tremendous individual energy and a pass to Limnios, the winger Voliotis scored with the second contact, the ball hit the right post and the incoming Verbics in his first contact with the ball opened the scoring for Panathinaikos, making it 1-0.

The “greens” continued to be in control and in the 35th minute from a vertical pass by Bakaseta, Ioannidis left the area and scored from a very lateral position just outside. In the 44th minute, Ioannidis amazingly passed Cornezos from the right side and “broke” the ball to Bakaseta, who made no mistake making it 2-0 for Panathinaikos.

The “greens” continued to be absolutely aggressive in the second half and reached a third goal in the 54th minute, when Ioannidis made it 3-0 for Panathinaikos with a nailed header from Bakaseta’s corner.

Three minutes after Verbic’s impressive action from the right and “laying” out, Lamia’s stoppers twice blocked Limni’s shots, but could not do the same to Bakaseta’s effort which made it 4-0 for the “greens”.

In the 58th minute, from a pass by Slivkas, Tsiloulis found himself in a shooting position and scored with one shot, but Lodingin sent impressively into the corner.

Panathinaikos continued to be stormy and reached a fifth goal, again with Ioannidis in the 60th minute. From Bakaseta’s vertical pass, the Panathinaikos captain put Tzanetopoulos on his back, entered the area and scored for the “green” 5-0.

In the 83′ from Tsoukalou’s shot, Tsiloulis was unable to beat Lodingin from close range who made an impressive save, while in the 85′ Mancini was unable to execute properly in front of the Lamia defenders, with the 5-0 to ” seals” the efforts of both teams.

Referee: Angelus Evangelou (Athens)

Yellow: 41′ Zandaris – 25′ Verbitz, 75′ Gedvai

LAMIA (Leonidas Vokolos): Koselev, Vasilantonopoulos, Cornezos (62′ Stanko), Tzanetopoulos, Amaral (46′ Sidclay), Jandaris (62′ Kontonikos), Nunies, Slivka, Tsiloulis, Lake (46′ Ruben Martinez), Malchi (77′ Tsoukalos).

PANATHINAICOS (Fatih Terim): Lodingin, Kotsiras, Akaidin (63′ Vilena), Jedvai, Huancar (63′ Mladenovic), Arao, Cerin, Limnios, Bakasetas (63′ Mancini), Bernard (21′ Ltr Verbic), Ioannidis (71′ Sporar).

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