Latest news house 2 for today October 21, 2023

2023-10-20 21:01:55

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today October 21, 2023:

While Sergei Khoroshev was flying to Bangkok for Ekaterina Skalon, who ended up in Thailand instead of Dubai, Katya, already from Moscow, promises to tell how she ended up in the capital.

A new girl, Ksenia, came to Alexey Bezus, who had already managed to fight with Elizaveta Subbotina. At Lobnoye Mesto, Tigran Salibekov refused to meet with children until they completed a course of psychological rehabilitation. Which greatly outraged Svetlana Prel, who defended Yulia Kolisnichenko, in the psychological analysis too.

Elina Rakhimova clashed with Ivan Barzikov about Alexandra Bakhlaeva’s past, and then sobbed in the dressing room. Vanya had to call Sasha’s ex-boyfriend, who was going to House 2. Barzikov does not refuse his relationship with Bakhlaeva.

Alexandra Cherno visited Polyana again, making Elina Rakhimova happy.

Kristina Bukhynbalte was unable to fly to Istanbul in order to get into the perimeter before the start of the next round of the “Best Wife” competition.

David Manukyan released a video with a new song, which he widely advertises on social networks.

Latest news house 2 from for today 10/21/2023 – rumors have appeared that Ksenia Borodina is accompanied on her filming trip to Thailand by a new gentleman, whom she introduces as her financial advisor.

Has Borodina really got a new boyfriend?

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