Latest News on the condition of Tukul Arowana after surgery, please pray – Condition of comedian and presenter Arowana hammer shows positive development.

After undergoing surgery at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON) on Wednesday (22/9), Tukul began to improve.

According to Rizki Kimon, the manager of Tukul Arwana, the person concerned was able to respond.

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Rizki explained that when he first lay down after surgery, Tukul was sad when he was shown a video of the program he brought.

“Right now he really wants to get better. Now I’m even watching, even laughing to myself,” Rizki said in a video uploaded on the Intense Investigation YouTube channel, Tuesday (26/10).

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According to Rizki, Tukul Arwana had watched a badminton match.

At that time, said Rizki, Tukul had shown a response. Rizki said all of Tukul’s children gave their support.

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For example, Ega Prayudi who always calls or makes calls via video calls.

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