Latifa’s Debut on ‘With You, Mona El Shazly’ Receives Massive Social Media Acclaim

2023-06-30 21:06:00

Written by: Mustafa Al-Qasabi Saturday, July 01, 2023 12:06 AM

The star, Latifa, topped the trend of Twitter and Tik Tok, during the presentation of her first episode of the program “With You, Mona El Shazly” on the “cbc” channel, and the episode received wide acclaim on various social networking sites, because of the distinguished and attractive content that the episode carried.

Latifa occupied the Twitter trend in several Arab countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, in addition to Kuwait and the Emirates. Artistic success.

The second episode of the program will be shown today, Saturday, on the “cbc” channel, during which Latifa wears, for the first time, the costumes in which she appeared in her first clip, “I Love Your Love”, and she also wears the same dress in which she sang the song “Al-Masry” during the events of the movie “Scott Hansour”. “.

It is worth noting that the star Latifa is preparing to release a number of new songs during the summer season, and she filmed two songs in a video clip, in preparation for their release during the next few days.

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