Latvian tennis players will compete with Portugal in the first match of the King Cup

The start time of the games and the participants in the matches are still unknown.

The Latvian national team includes Alena Ostapenko (10th place according to the WTA), Daria Semenista (1056th place according to the WTA), Daniela Visman (346th place according to the WTA), Beatrice Zeltinja and Adelina Lachinova.

At the same time, the Portuguese national team includes Francisca Jorge (WTA 190), Matilda Jorge (WTA 550), Angelina Voloshchuk (WTA 759), Ana Filipa Santos (WTA 1155), Maria Garcia (WTA 1342).

The first group tournament of the European/African zone of the Billie Jean King Cup will last until April 13, and in the next matches of the group, the dates of which are not yet known, the Latvians will play against the Netherlands and Turkey.

12 teams will compete in Portugal – Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary and Sweden.

Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Bulgaria will meet in the other group, while Greece will play Norway, Serbia and Sweden.

The winners of each group will receive a ticket to the “play-offs”, after which a round-robin tournament will be held and the winners of the first three places will be determined. The teams that take second place in the groups will determine another team in the round-robin tournament that will advance to the playoffs. The winners of third place will play each other in a round-robin tournament, and the winners of the last three places will be determined by two teams that will play in the second group of Europe/Africa in 2025.

In April 2023, the Latvian team took seventh place in this competition, maintaining their place in the group.

Visman, Martsinkevich, Zeltinya and Lachinova competed as part of the Latvian national team under the leadership of team captain Adrian Zhgun.

The tournament in Oeiras will be held on outdoor clay courts.

The Billie Jean King Cup is the largest international team competition in women’s tennis. The tournament is organized by the International Tennis Federation. The cup is named after American tennis player Billie Jean King. In the men’s tournament, a similar competition is called the Davis Cup.

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