Lavelanet. The solar system as seen by Victor Hugo’s college students

2023-05-30 03:11:00

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Students from the Victor-Hugo de Lavelanet college are leading a project that will see the solar system set up in the city.

At the Victor-Hugo college in Lavelanet, around twenty volunteer students of all levels, from sixth to third year, are captivated, even passionate about the project “Model of the solar system on the scale of Lavelanet”. This project is part of the Space Club and the Maths au Carr√© club. It is led by two teachers, St√©phanie Nattes and Audric Durand. The workshops follow one another, the project advances in its objective, as well as its success criteria by concretely using the mathematics program through the theme of astronomy.

The sun at the multisport center

At each workshop, the creation of the model takes shape, 3.5 km around Lavelanet, as well as that of the explanatory supports, knowing that the sun, a little over a meter in diameter at the scale of Lavelanet, will be installed at the multisport center. “From there, it is a question of installing each planet of the solar system in the city, scrupulously respecting the orientation and the distances in the form of an explanatory panel, the identity of the planet, its characteristics as well as the project and a QR code”, specify the teachers. At each workshop, a riddle is posed to the students, such as the one where it was a question of finding the location of Proxima du Centaure, knowing that the Earth, on the scale of Lavelanet, represents 1 cm. Or that of Mars, which should “fall” near the entrance to the greenway, at 177.7 meters, precisely, from the sun. Other planets will find their place very close to representative places of the city such as the town hall, its park, the war memorial, the Jacquard multipurpose high school… The project consists in defining the sizes, but also the materials used for the design of the planets and explanatory materials. These must be made in Lavelanet, by the Noisetier printing works.

In May, teachers and students visited the Sabarat astronomical observatory. Thursday, June 1, the college students will present their project in Toulouse. After visiting the Jolimont observatory, they will go to the Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Isae), to defend their project. In 180 seconds, the oral for two students will be decisive.

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