Layda Sansores committed gender political violence against PRI deputies: TEPJF

The Upper room of Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) determined by majority vote that the governor of campeche, Layda Sansores San Romancommitted gender political violence by revealing the existence of intimate photographs of some federal deputies of AT.

The aforementioned was done by the capital’s president in her program ‘Martes del Jaguar’, in which she also argued that the legislators had to send these images to their leader to reach their posts.

The statements were taken up and disseminated by various media.

A PRI federal deputy came before the electoral Tribunal to file a complaint, considering that the statements of sansores san roman they exceeded free expression and constituted gender political violence.

The Upper room in a face-to-face session, determined that the protests Layda Sansores affected the political-electoral rights of the federal deputies of the PRI, since they affected the enjoyment and exercise of office for which they were elected.

Therefore, the governor of Campeche was ordered to eliminate all publications in which the denounced message is disseminated, both on her social networks and on those of the state government.

In addition, the governor was ordered to refrain from commenting on the photographs of the deputies, in addition to having to issue a public apology in the program “Jaguar Tuesday” and through your account Twitter.

In this sense, the Superior Chamber considered that the company Metaas well as its subsidiaries Facebook, Instagram y WhatsAppthey must make sure that in Mexico they attend possible acts of political gender violence.

Finally, the company was ordered Meta expand their policies for them to be detected eliminate and report cases of political gender violence. This, with the purpose of denouncing or, where appropriate, assisting in the follow-up of complaints. Therefore, once these policies are in place, they should be publicly disclosed.

In this regard, the magistrate Monica Aralí Soto Fregoso spoke out against the criteria and the magistrate Indalfer Infante Gonzales deviated from one of the remedial measures ordered. Specifically, from the issuance of a public apology (SUP-JDC-613/2022).

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