Learn the differences between Windows 10 and Windows 10s

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Microsoft has launched a version of Windows 10s system and it is a copy for students and small companies, while there is the famous version of Windows 10 that is used by a large number of people and we will learn through our topic on the differences between the two versions.

The most important differences and differences between Windows 10 and Windows 10s:

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system and was first introduced in 2015 and gets an update of its features twice per year. The company recommends that every update be installed when it is available and has a lot of capabilities and that includes integration with Cortana digital assistant.

It contains a number of new security tools such as Windows Defender Antivirus, which protects the system from malware and spyware protection via email, as well as applications, the cloud, and the web.

Windows Hello offers another option, which is the ability to sign in without a password to unlock your devices with the fingerprint fingerprint reader.

As for the features of Windows S10, this system was announced in 2017 and it is a special version of Windows 10 and works to provide a faster and more secure experience by allowing users to install programs from the official Microsoft application store.

It also requires the use of the Edge browser only and Windows S10 is installed on low-cost laptops intended for schools and students, including the Surface laptop.


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