Legal Medicine report of minor dead in Bolívar

A few hours ago the report of legal Medicine of the body of the two-year-old boy who was found lifeless in the waters of the Magdalena River, in the south of Bolívar, on December 6.

Initially, the minor, identified as José Antonio Campo, had been reported missing. However, some time later they found his body.

Since then, Morales’ Civil Defense carried out the survey to transfer him to Legal Medicine and find out the cause of the minor’s death.

According to the report, the remains showed that it would be a violent death.

In context: They find the body of a minor who had been reported missing in Bolívar

The mayor of the municipality of Morales offers a reward of 20 million pesos for anyone who provides information on the perpetrators of the kidnapping and subsequent homicide.

For his part, Daynis Peláez, community leader in the south of Bolívar, pointed out that “what is happening in the south of Cesar and south of Bolívar is serious. The child, José Antonio Campo, was kidnapped yesterday and later appears drowned, floating in the waters of the almost Magdalena river. We ask the National Government to carry out an exhaustive investigation because it cannot happen that our children continue to be victims of a conflict that we do not know where it is going”.

Leydi Robles, a resident of Morales, Bolívar, explained that “unfortunately, they found the lifeless child near the township of Regidor. The family is very saddened by this unfortunate news. We ask that the facts be clarified and that information be given about the causes of the child’s death, how this tragedy could have happened and whether or not there are people involved in this.”

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