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Caracas. Lipso Nava and José Alguacil know each other very well. They belong to the San Francisco Giants organization, and now they are going to work side by side. Lipso will be the bench coach of the manager of Leones del Caracas. He is an instructor with extensive experience in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, and that is proven by the title of the 2016-2017 campaign with Águilas del Zulia.

Nava was one of the additions on the fifth day of the long-haired training sessions. Also joining the work were left-handed pitcher Félix Carvallo and first base coach Juan Muñoz.

Nava addressed him a few words to the capital group that works in the mornings at the University Stadium. Then he focused on the infielders and pitched in batting practice. “This is challenging,” Nava said of being with Lions. Thank God again in my country. He was absent because of the MLB situations. José (Sheriff) and I had the opportunity to contact each other and talk and here we are. We want to create a cycle of positive things to put this organization on high again. We want to develop players; I know that this league is not easy to develop because everything is very fast, but we have many tools that we can offer and we can get the best out of the staff and the players ”.

Guarded arms

In the coming days the incorporation of Wilson Álvarez is expected, pitching coach, and who for a long time was Lipso Nava’s right hand in Águilas del Zulia when organizing the pitchers.

“We want to do things well. It is not an easy task, but we are people for challenges, who take on challenges. We had a strong one with Águilas and we came out victorious, and I think this is not going to be the exception, “said Lipso. “Working with discipline, harmony and professionalism, those are the necessary ingredients for things to go well.”

Felix Carvallo threw some balls to stretch his arm. Last season he was one of the most effective lefties in the league. In 15.0 innings he only allowed one earned run. Then he played with Samanes de Aragua and Senadores de Caracas, in the Major League of Professional Baseball, and was also successful.

“I’ve focused more on working on my pitching, on working the left-handed hitters well, which is what I do the most,” Carvallo said. “The idea is always to attack the hitters. I have felt good against rights too. In this league they use one a lot against left-handers, but thank God now I hit right-handers well and that way the team can use me more ”. / Press Leones del Caracas


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